A Sleep-to-Earn protocol that combines DeFi, NFTs and a Land Distribution Game on the metaverse. Powered by $Sleep.

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Our Solution:

Crypto easier than ever.

Sleep ecosystem aims to facilitate the way we interact with blockchain. The Sleep-to-Earn protocol is designed ergonomically, making the platform as user-friendly as possible. It will be accessible from the Web3, IOS and Android and is declined into two seperate sections.



Mint your CloudLand and your SleepyRabbit landlord to build your dream city on our metaverse. Our Alpha version will include the Rabbit University, the Rabbit Museum  and a Podcast stadium.



A Sleep-to-earn solution combined to a non custodian wallet and an auto compounding time locked staking pool that will offer both $BUSD and $SLEEP rewards.


Change the way you sleep.

The Sleep-to-Earn protocol enables $SLEEP stakers to convert hours slept as tracked in our mobile App integrated sleep tracker into cryptocurrency, with Yield depending on the amount of $SLEEP staked.


Maximize your profits

Stake your $SLEEP and get access to the Sleep-To-Earn protocol and compounded $BUSD and $SLEEP rewards. A flexible time lock is present in our contract, meaning that the longer you stake, the more you earn.

Sleep Wallet

Invest in DeFi from one place.

Sleep wallet is the easiest way to build and manage your entire DeFi and NFT portfolio from one place. It will cover multiple blockchain (AVAX, BSC, ETH…) and will help you to discover the world of decentralized applications (Dapp).



A metaverse real estate simulation game in which the player can build his dream city on a cloud. The SleepVerse will provide passive income in $SLEEP depending on your city’s progression. Our alpha version will be composed of the Rabbit Museum, the Rabbit University and a Sports Podcast Stadium.

To enter the SleepVerse, you will need to own one of the 2500 NFT CloudLands as well as a SleepyRabbit NFT that will act as your Landlord.

NFT Marketplace

Time to shine for the BNB Chain

The lack of a convincing leader NFT marketplace on the BNB Chain is a strong opportunity that Sleep Ecosystem won’t miss. Our platform will contain a user friendly marketplace in which you will be able to sell, buy, create and trade NFTs.

$Sleep Token

$SLEEP is a BNB Chain token powering the entire Sleep ecosystem (DeFi and Metaverse). It is providing native $BUSD reflections for holders.


Our RoadMap is composed of three phases that corresponds to marketing and development stages of our ecosystem.

Phase 1: Pre-Launch

- Targeted Marketing Campaign
- Launch of Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, and YouTube Channels.
- Platform Demo Version
- Unveiling of the SleepVerse Lands, and NFTs.
- Whitelist Contest
- Community Events
- Certik Security Audit

Phase 2: Launch

- Mainstream Marketing Campaign
- CEX Listing
- Platform Launch on the Web 3
- Sleep App Launch on IOS and ANDROID
- NFT Mint events/ NFT Marketplace
- Sleep Wallet
- SleepVerse Alpha Version

Phase 3: Mainstream Application

- Bridge to ETHERIEUM and AVAX Chain
- Sleep App 2.0
- Launch of the SleepVerse Game
- Bridge to Fantom
- Top Tier CEX Listing
- Strategic Partnerships

Seed Sale: SOLD OUT

Private Investors

It will give the opportunity to serious investors vetted by the team to get an exclusive opportunity to invest in GankPad.


Whitelist Contest/GankPad

We have opened a whitelist contest in which interested investors will act in a communautarian manner. Moreover, if you are a GankPad holder, you will have a guaranteed alocation on this sale.

Fair Launch on PinkSale


Opened to everyone, no vesting. It will start on the 05/08/22 at 2PM UTC.

Meet the crew

Our Team is composed of 4 Co-Founders and 25 main collaborators, click here to see the company’s organization chart.










Our Seed Sale (Phase 1) is sold out. If you are willing to invest into our presale, you need to participate to our whitelist contest, get in the TOP 500 scores. The presale (Phase 2) will be held in GankPad. The Phase 3 will be a FairLaunch on Pinksale, it will be public.

$Sleep tokens will be powering the entire ecosystem, it will play a major role in the Sleep-To-Earn protocol, as well as in the SleepVerse and its NFT MarketPlace.
It is composed of several mechanisms that will introduce incentives to reward faithful holders.

Our ecosystem will be launched on the BNB Chain, before expanding to Ethereum and Avalanche. We will still be looking for promising networks to expand our protocol and reach more users.

Our ecosystem will be composed of a SleepTracker available on both IOS and Android. Your total time slept will be converted to a score that you will be able to convert into rewards if you have staked $SLEEP tokens on our Web3 Dapp.

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